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In Memory of:

Larry Horyna of Park City, Utah was president of NCEA in 1977 and served in many leadership positions in community education before he retired from the Utah Department of Education. Larry is probably best known as the Director of the Northwest Center for Community Education at the University of Oregon in the 1970's and 1980's. He provided technical assistance to communities across the northwestern states and Alaska, and was responsible for training hundreds of community educators in that region. Jack Minzey, a long time leader in community education wrote that "Larry was such a wonderful person and an outstanding professional. He was the guilding light for most of us and a true friend. Many times we shared his wisdom and sense of humor, and many of us have wonderful memories of our times with him and his wife Pat."

Marilyn Kerns of St. Paul, Minnesota served as NCEA president in 1992. She provided a great deal of leadership to the growth of community education in the state of Minnesota through her work in the state association and as director of the Center for Community Edcation at St. Thomas University. Marilyn was surrounded by a strong circle of friends who referred to themselves as "The Sisterhood". They were there for her during a long illness. Marilyn was especially known for her wisdom and dry sense of humor. 


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NCEA Past Presidents

1966 Clyde Le Tarte
1966 Clyde Le Tarte
1968 Allan Dighera
1969 Lou Tasse
1970 Jack Minzey
1971 Bill Kerensky
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1985 George Kliminski
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1987 William Kendrick
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1991 Bill Smith
1992 Marilyn Kerns
1993 R P M Bowden
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