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Professional Endorsements in Community Education

Administrative Competency Endorsement (ACE)

If  you are a community educator with district-wide responsibilities who is seeking a challenging and rewarding process of professional affirmation and recognition, consider applying for the Administrative Competency Endorsement. Beginning Each year beginning in October, community education professionals from throughout the country are invited to begin the process to achieve the national Community Education Administrative Competency Endorsement (ACE).

Begun by the former National Community Education Association (NCEA) in 1998, the endorsement was attained by 35 community education professionals from across the nation from 1998 – 2009. Today, ACE is sponsored by the Foundation for Community Education (FCE), which is committed to the“ implementation of principles of the community education philosophy.

The ACE process is designed around a framework of nine (9) core competencies, each of which is demonstrated through a self-assessment; appendix items of work samples that represent the candidate’s work; and a supervisor’s assessment. Typically, a candidate spends about nine (9) to twelve (12) months preparing the application requirements. The reintroduced version of ACE will use Dropbox, to share all required materials for peer review. The final step in the ACE process is a virtual interview conducted by a Peer Review Team of ACE Fellows and representatives from higher education. 

Based on over ten years of experience helping ACE candidates prepare for the endorsement process, we strongly recommend that candidates work closely with the ACE Coordinator in order to fully understand the ACE process, expectations and systems of support for candidates. 

Community Educators who want to begin the ACE process should do the following: 
1. Review all ACE documents including the Directions and Requirements.
2. Complete the application form available below and email it to ACE Coordinator, Hannah Puczko, (507) 602-2365
3. Once you have a consultation with the ACE Coordinator and sent in your deposit of $50, you may begin the process.   

    NOTE:  Application deadline for 2015 submission candidates is October 1, 2014.

Congratulations to the Community Educators listed below who have completed the endorsement process and have earned the distinction as Community Education Fellows:

1998  Kevin Koester, IA
           Don Kramlinger, MN

1999  Mike Looby, MN
           Hannah Puczko, MN
           Sandy White, FL

2000  Kathy Belcher, KY
           Heidi Cunningham, MN
          Carl Rollins, KY

2001        Brad Anderson, WI
           Marilyn Bayer, MN
          Jean Burroughs, FL
          Donna Dahmann, KY
          Linda Sanda, IA
          Louise Summers, KY 

2002  Pam Shelton, OK

2003  Mike Fields, IL
           Kathy Kaczmarski, WI
           Bob Wittman, MN
          Joyce Kitka, AK
          Nancy Meisler, AK

2004  Deb Elder, KS
          Cora Heffner, KY

2005  Kelly Carl, KY
          Bonnie Hardy, AK
          Mona Huff, KY

2006  Shawn Hoffman-Bram, MN
           Ashley Peters, SC
           Scott Wallner, MN

2007  Bob Greeley, MN
           Sharon Johnson, MN
                Linda Ringstad, MN
           Linda Saveraid, MN

2009  Amy Brengman, MN
           Lisa Greene, MN
          Carrie Larson, MN

2010  Amy Eich, MN